Finding lifelong answers in the first nine months of life.

The moment of greatest plasticity in life occurs in the first 9 months before birth, and can define a person’s life for the next 90 years. Our “9-90″ research is focusing on human life in these first 9 months so we can predict and change the course of illnesses that will occur over a lifetime. By better understanding the “human blueprint,” we can alter the trajectory of a person’s life by predicting and even changing the course of a multitude of conditions.

Our approach is unprecedented and it could change lives and create a better future for everyone.

Yoel Sadovsky, MD, Director, Magee-Womens Research Institute

Reproductive Development

Uncovering the mechanisms that underlie genetic abnormalities is crucial to reducing birth defects and improving the health of infants. Your support will enable trail-blazing stem cell and progenitor cell research, allowing our scientists to unravel more mysteries of reproductive development and premature reproductive aging.

Pregnancy & Newborns

A healthy start in life is the key to a lifetime of well being. Your generosity will help Magee scientists continue to make lifesaving discoveries about key diseases such as preeclampsia, fetal growth abnormalities, preterm birth, prenatal genetics and the lifelong impact stemming from these diseases through research spanning fetal development, pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes that shape maternal and neonatal health.

Reproductive Physiology & Fertility

Infertility is heartbreaking to the couple who desperately wants a child to love. Your partnership will help our scientists delve more deeply into the fundamental mechanisms that govern germ cell biology and complex pathways that lead to human infertility, to discover means for restoring fertility to diverse populations including young cancer survivors.


Each day the discoveries in genetics are shaping the care of tomorrow. Genetic studies of placental development are furthering medical science’s understanding of how hormonal, nutritional and environmental signals in the womb influence genes that regulate all aspects of our physiology. You generosity will accelerate our understanding of how lifelong complications can be understood and avoided by controlling prenatal influences.