Pillars of Research

Three Pillars of Research

This is a movement to transform the way the medical world studies and treats women. No other Institute in the nation is more uniquely qualified to impact the world of women’s health in dramatic and lasting ways than Magee-Womens Research Institute.

9-90 Research

Our breakthrough 9-90 research studies the 9 months of pregnancy to identify ways to prevent and cure illnesses and diseases that can occur over the next 90 years of a person’s life.

Gender-Specific Medicine

Our research in gender-specific medicine is yielding powerful insights into women’s cancers, pelvic floor health, fertility, metabolism, drugs and medications, aging, and medical disorders that affect women and men in a distinctive manner, all from the unique platform of a woman’s biology.

Infectious Diseases

Finally, we are focusing our efforts on the global threat of infectious diseases and our clinical trials are yielding breakthrough results all over the world.