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— from Truthout

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Much of the nation is focused on the growing constitutional conflict between the Trump administration and the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. Words like “unprecedented” are being bandied about in the press to describe the slow-rolling legal calamity unfolding before us. While it is true that many elements of the current situation are peculiar to history, there is nothing new here save, perhaps, for the danger represented by this preposterous president.Pathfinder RPG Campaign Setting - Horror Realms

It was, in fact, former Vice President Dick Cheney who started this fight in earnest, way back when he got angry at what all those meanie Democrats were doing to Richard Nixon, Cheney’s first presidential boss. Nixon, of course, attempted to put the presidency beyond the reach of the law and failed in spectacular fashion. The members of his legal team fell short because they were basically making up their arguments as they went along. No president in a century had been so eager to flout the Constitution in broad daylight.

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The Trump administration continues to refuse all Congressional oversight and make a mockery of the rule of law, while Trump himself continues to denounce the Mueller team and his political opponents as “traitors” and to rally his mobs against “enemies of the people.”40k Tyranids Genestealer Cult Army Brood Bredhers squadLARGE COLLECTION OF LEGION OF THE DAMNED MODELS PARTS AND BITS UNPAINTED (1187)NEW Warhammer 40,000 Urban Conquest (On sale 19 1)

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi continues to temporize, almost to the point of absurdity, resisting House Democrats clamoring for impeachment, and meeting for a second time with Trump and Chuck Schumer to discuss infrastructure. But the pressure on her appears to be building, with most Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee now moving towards support for an impeachment inquiry, a position articulated with stunning clarity by Rep. Jamie Raskin in a recent Washington Post interview.

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In the past few weeks, my Facebook feed hasDeath Guard Grave Warden Terminators - Painted - DeathGuard - Forge World F82 exploded with posts about abortion. If you use Facebook, probably yours has too.

There’s a lot to say about abortion, especially now that Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Ohio have passed extremely restrictive laws banning abortions in cases where they previously would be legal. But I think there’s a bigger picture to look at too.36 Dark Eldar Wyches Warhammer 40,000 40k GW

The bigger picture is women’s sexuality.Wild West Exodus Sheriff's Office (professionally painted 32mm building)ELC Large Wooden Pirate Ship playset with plenty of figures & accessoriesWarhammer Megaboss on Maw-krusha 89-25 Straight men’s sexuality is treated as more legit than women’s. The differences start at a young age.


“The global trend is sour.” So says Larry Diamond, senior fellow at Stanford6 X Kitbash Grey Knight Paladins Strike Squad Primaris Aggressors Parts Avlble6 PLASTIC WARHAMMER TYRANID WARRIORS PAINTED (L) University’s conservative Hoover Institution.GAME AID FOR JOVIAN CHRONICLES GAME MASTERING MADE EASY - DREAM POD 9 - NEW

That’s putting it mildly. In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, Diamond writes, “Democracy faces a global crisis. We have seen 12 consecutive years of erosion in global levels of political rights Mordheim Skaven Wounded Casualties X4 Metal Rare NIB Games Workshop OOPand civil liberties, with many more countries declining than gaining each year, according to the nonprofit group Freedom House. Over the past decade, one in six democracies has failed. Today only a bare majority of the world’s larger states remain democracies.

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For those of us who were schoolchildren during the 1950s, lining up for vaccinations against childhood diseases was much scarier than the "duck and cover" drills that had us hiding under our desks in anticipation of a nuclear attack from Russian bogeymen. Warhammer Start Collecting Malignants 70-93

One injection that even we kids applauded was the polio vaccine that debuted in 1954 and was in widespread use the next year. In the early 1950s, it was common to see polio victims—both children and adults—with braces on their legs or in wheelchairs. A U.S. polio epidemic in 1952 caused almost 58,000 cases of the disease, resulting in more than 3,000 deaths and more than 21,000Forge World Horus Heresy Book 8 Malevolence NEW shrink-wrapped Americans suffering disability—including children that we saw in school and on the playground every day.

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Europe is gearing up for much-anticipated elections this week to the European parliament. Austria, however, now has to deal with a very unexpected snap election — thanks to a drunk politician, a Russian honeypot, and a leaked video. This scandal currently rocking Austria mayDark Future Bikes and Sidecars (unpainted, games workshop) ultimately play a decisive role in the European elections as well.

Heinz-Christian Strache was once the ambitious, successful leader of the Freedom Party in Austria. In 2017, on the heels of a strong third-place showing in the legislative elections, he led his far-right-wing populist party, which had been founded by former Nazis, into a coalition government with the more conventionally right-wing People’s Party. Sebastian Kurz, the young leader of the People’s Party, became chancellor. Strache became the vice-chancellor.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report for the Russia investigation is full of elaborate details on Russian interference in the 2016 election, and members of Congress who have read Attorney General William Barr’s redacted version of the report are fearful that Russian operatives will interfere in the 2020 election as well. Various bills promoting election security have been proposed in the Senate, but according to an in-depth report by Vox’s Li Zhou, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has no interest in bringing them up for a vote.

Mantic warpath forge father starter force bnibBolt Action German Grenadiers (1251 points) BNIBWarhammer 30,000 Space Marines Forge World Contemptor Dreadnought 948Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri explained McConnell’s Warhammer forge world legio custodes shield captain pro painted made to orderopposition last week, saying, “I think the majority leader just is of the view that this debate reaches no conclusion.” And according to Zhou, McConnell’s decision is driven, in part, by “Trump’s aversion to the subject, which the president sees as too closely tied to questions about the outcome of the 2016 election.”

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GW Blood Bowl Goblin Team Poorly Painted Metal Deutsche Bank Has Rolled on Donald Trump
by William Rivers Pitt | May 22, 2019 - 6:35am | permalink
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The opening salvo of The New York Times’s big Sunday story about Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank got straight to the point: The bank’s money-laundering watchdogs recommended that multiple overseas financial transactions by Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner be reported to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Executives at Deutsche Bank, however, made no such reports, and the bank took no action against its favored client.Minion Battle Engine Meat Thresher

“The nature of the transactions was not clear,” reads the Times report. “At least some of them involved money flowing back and forth with overseas entities or individuals, which bank employees considered suspicious…. [F]ormer Deutsche Bank employees said the decision not to report the Trump and Kushner transactions reflected the bank’s generally lax approach to money laundering laws.”

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WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR STORMCAST ETERNALS JUDICATORS PAINTED & BASED Democrats in House Leadership Rebel Against Pelosi on Impeachment
by 15mm napoleonic russian - cuirassiers 12 figures - cav (23909) | May 22, 2019 - 6:26am |

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At the Time 100 Summit in April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., played down speculation that the Democratic caucus was divided over whether President Trump should face impeachment proceedings. According to Roll Call, when asked whether support for impeachment was growing among House Democrats, Pelosi answered, “You would think so as far as how it is amplified, but I don’t think it’s a growing number.”

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On Monday night, her words seemed like wishful thinking. As The Washington Post reported, “Several members of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team pressed her to begin an impeachment inquiry against President Trump … an effort the speaker rebuffed each time.”

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