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SPARK - 1 43 - RENAULT 4 CV 1063 - 24H LE MANS 1951 - S5211
Dragon Wings 1 400 Korean Air Cargo Mcdonnell Douglas MD-11F HL7372 (55297B)
Mclaren Mp4-12C Art Gp H Spa 2014 Demoustier Lapierre SPARK 1 43 SB095 Mod

111: The No. 1 Thing To Ask Yourself When You Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong With Lissa Rankin

Fascinating podcast about spontaneous remissions and self-healing from those diagnosed with terminal diseases. Great episode to send to those who need a little bit of hope in healing.

Matchbox a - M3 Personnel Carrier - Green (MW) - A A

346- Palaces for the People

An ode to the importance of libraries as social infrastructure; vital and evolving common spaces that help keep our communities healthy and connected.


Siku 5505 Siku World Car Garage Car Park Set Play Mat World

Kimberly Kalb, Head of Marketing & Growth, Houseparty | EP 197

Didn’t know Meerkat became Houseparty. Interesting pivot and vision. Educational episode about consumer app growth by density at first and growth challenges at various levels of scale.


Ferrari Bb Le Mans Daytona Ballot Lena Leciere 1979 Be9300 1 43 Diecast Model Caterpillar High Line Series 1 50 Diecast 320F L Hydraulic Excavator 85931 Car

Vintage Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo, Slam Bam Sam- Remote Control Car, Boxed

I’ve enjoyed Casey’s work for a while now and appreciate it even more after hearing this conversation. I really like what he said about the power that journalism has to hold tech companies accountable.


Ebbro 1 43 FK Massimo Cerumo Supra 2000 JGTC from Japan
Dinky 24L CV Vespa 400 (Avec Glaces)
Alpine M64 No.51 Lemans 1965 (G.Verrier - R. Masson)

Ep 162: The best bad ending you'll ever read

discussion on nonfiction books,especially history and true crime. i love nonfiction and enjoyed this immensely! lots of enthusiasm and book love here.


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Subaru Impreza Rally Portugal 1995 M.Kamioka K.Gormley TROF 43 RRAL41 Mo

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Porsche 911 996 Gt3 R Team Perspective Racing Le Mans 2000 SPARK 1 43 S4759 1 43 SRC18K 1966 F1 COOPER MASERATI T81 RINDT Belgian GP KIT BY SMTSPeugeot 908 HDI FAP - 6th 24h LeMans 2009-Minassian Lamy Klien -Minichamps 1 18